What is Chalti Tasveerein?

Thirty years ago, the Odessa Collective produced and released Amma Ariyan with the contributions of people in the villages of Kerala. The film was a reflection of its times, told through the letters written by a son to his mother. Experimental in form and conscious in its content, the film was one of the first films in India to be made through the donations and active engagement of a general public.

Chalti Tasveerein: Traveling Film Festival borrows from this legacy to initiate a 45 days screening of documentaries, feature films and experimental cinema for interested audience across 7 states in the North of India between February and March 2018.


Glimpses into Chalti Tasveerein

Chalti Tasveerien was a 45 day travelling film festival who travelled across 8 states taking cinema to the people. The video gives a glimpse of travels.

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