ChalChitra Abhiyan
A film and media co-operative that trains local people in audio-visual media.
Taking counter-culture to your homes. Because, counter-culture is mainstream culture.

Cinema of Resistance

Cinema of Resistance in a community-based grassroots cultural movement in India that started in Gorakhpur in 2006. It has carried out initiatives throughout the country – from big cities to small towns – through community screenings, film clubs and universities.

Being a cultural campaign, CoR screens films from Indian languages and those around the world. Through film screenings, the CoR provides a platform for activist film-makers and marginalized groups facing injustices as well as a space for a dialogue between these groups and students.

Kriti Film Club

Kriti Film Club is an independent documentary viewing and sharing initiative of Kriti team, which works as a support group on development and human rights. The screenings are organised in solidarity and support to the issues and movements in question.

Magic Lantern Movies
Magic Lantern Movies (MLM) works in the field of production and circulation of knowledge and culture. We aim to create a discursive public sphere through multiple levels of engagement with the documentary practice. At one end of the spectrum lies our work with research while at the other end is the seemingly contradictory initiative to conceptualise and create a market for documentaries in a situation where traditional markets either don’t exist or are prohibitively expensive. And in between lie an entire gamut of activities: production, exhibition, curation, dissemination, training and creating public-access archives of films that are difficult to find in the public domain. The common point of interest in all our different initiatives is our excitement for cinema and the documentary, its content, form, aesthetics and practice.

19th docu and short- invitation-2
Started by Amudhan RP, in 1997, Marupakkam is a media activism group that deals with social issues. It also coordiantes the Madurai International Documentary and Short Film Festival, starting 1998. Along with screening films, Marupakkam also trains people in filmmaking. The festival is free entry and is a non-funded initiatve without any corporate support and collaborates with universities and colleges in Madurai to provide  screening venues and volunteers.

Media Collective
Media collective LOGO

Media Collective is an experiment of individuals and groups using diverse creative mediums as the mode of interaction with people’s struggles and politics. In the process, it hopes to evolve a creative spirit and expression, as well as a community of media practitioners who can provide an alternative to mainstream media practices. Our work is towards creating a journal of visual documentation and creative non-fictions from the ground.

ViBGYOR Film Collective

ViBGYOR Film Collective (VFC), formed in February 2006, is an open coalition of various networks and groups, representing Indigenous People, Dalits, Youth, South Asian Relations, Human Rights, Environment and Development, Women’s Issues, Globalisation, Labour, Culture and Media etc. at National and South Asian level. The ViBGYOR Film Festival is the largest alternate film festival in South Asia. It is a five-day-long film festival held every year at the Sangeetha Nataka Academy Campus in, Thrissur. Celebrating Identities and Diversities is the central theme of ViBGYOR.